At C. John we repair and restore your rugs and carpets with the care they deserve. As antique pieces, they should be handled delicately and our experienced repairers pay attention to every detail. Using only hand dyed natural wools, all repairs are done to the highest standards. De-ionised water and pure soap are used for cleaning so that we can return each piece to it’s natural beauty.



In the above images, you can see the repairs neeeded for this beautiful Aubusson rug, circa 1840. The damage has come about through regular wear and tear as this well loved rug has been used in our clients home.  Also pictured is the intricate stitching used in the repair.


Before and after images where you can see the carpet has been restored to it’s original form.

In the late 1960’s we carefully hand cleaned and conserved one of the most famous carpets in the world, the LA County Museum “ Ardebil” Carpet at the request of its owner John Paul Getty.

For many years we regularly cleaned and repaired all the State Room carpets at Buckingham Palace and as holders of the Royal Warrant to supply carpets to HM Queen Elizabeth, we continue this service for carpets in the Royal Palaces when required.

Following the recent completion of hand cleaning and restoring a very large 18th century English Axminster carpet for a client in the USA, we are now engaged in similar work for an extremely  rare 17th century French Savonnerie carpet for a private European collection.

Recent comment from a client who sent his rug from Washington DC to be restored.
“Thank you for the wonderful way you have cleaned and repaired my lovely French Aubusson Tapestry Rug. I cannot tell where the reweaving of the numerous holes and tears was done.”

Recent comment from a client in Hampstead , London.
“Your restoration work is so good that I can hardly  recognise my lovely old Persian Kirman carpet now that it is back in my Dining Room. I would now like to send you my Persian Sultanabad “Ziegler” carpet from my Drawing Room for a similar treatment.”