You could enter and almost breathe in the air of anticipation and excitement that was building up inside C. John’s gallery. In just a few hours a wonderful reception to celebrate the collaboration of C. John (rare rugs) and Martix would be held and both parties couldn’t contain the excitement for an evening that would come to be memorable.

The evening was hosted by Ms Maria Migadi, owner of Martix a boutique art advisory business that works with extremely fine and very talented artists, promoting and selling their artwork around the world and that now also offers C. John Antique rugs.

The evening entitled “Fine Art meets with Fine Rugs & Carpets” was a sight to behold…the union of art 300 years apart. Where contemporary met with traditional and modern fused with antique, C. John’s Gallery looked wonderful as its walls – home of antique rugs, were dressed with striking modern art pieces and a beautiful, varied collection of carpets were placed artfully around the floor.

As the evening begun and the room filled with artists and designers, a wonderfully warm atmosphere unfolded. Many languages could be heard in conversations round the room, a proof that the world of art both modern and antique reaches every corner of the globe.

The artists featured at the C. John gallery are Sofia Petropoulou, Marianna Veremi, Ermina Avramidou and Konstantinos Damoulakis aka Jamer. With each piece of art displayed, C. John paired a carpet or rug from varying origins and era’s.

Six feature pieces graced the walls, brightly coloured and attractive with much hidden depth. Twelve smaller pieces were placed around the gallery attracting much attention to their detail. On the floor was a large Persian Tabriz light coloured carpet, two art deco pieces originating from France, a beautiful Persian Heriz Runner and a classic blue Chinese antique rug which wowed visitors as they walked down the stairs from the entrance.  A Persian silk rug was placed to the side attracting much conversation.

When the reception came to an end and pleased guests departed from the gallery, a feeling of satisfaction remained floating in the air for a delightful evening that had fulfilled everyone’s expectations.

This collection of Art and Rugs will remain on display at the C. John Gallery for the coming month. For further information about the artwork or artists, please contact Maria Migadi –

For further information on antique rugs and carpets, or to discuss a more contemporary look with the Parsua collection, please contact Leon Sassoon at C. John via the website.



Konstantinos Damoulakis aka Jamer     

Konstantinos Damoulakis aka Jamer holds a degree in the Fine and Applied Arts from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki from where he graduated in 2015 with distinction. He has participated in various group exhibitions including the contest of Comics that was organized by the magazine «9“ Eleftherotipia newspaper, the Panhellenic street art contests Write for Gold in 2003, the Panhellenic Festival of street art «Meeting of styles“  in Thessalonica in 2004 and 2005, in the Global festival of street art in Croatia in 2004.

Ermina Avramidou                                                                                                                       

Ermina Avramidou has been the only Greek artist exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2015. She likens her color-filled and dramatically lit abstract paintings to obscure maps, and certainly their crisscrossing lines and dripped dots do suggest mysterious landscapes.  I started painting because I was captivated by the colors and smells of the materials and by the possibility of making my own revolution through art. My goal is to disguise reality, which ultimately is to reach the truth”.

Marianna Veremi                                                                                                                        

Marianna Veremi studied at the ATI Institute (Doxiades) under A. Tassos, S. Vassiliou, E. Dekoulakos, P. Gravalos and A. Asteriades. Continued her studies at the Chelsea School of Art in London and the Museum School in Boston. Worked as a textile designer for Lowenstein of New York during the seventies. Was a founding member of the Greek children’s magazine “To Rodi”. Designed programmes for the Athens Music Hall. There are works by Marianna Veremi in the collection of J.F Costopoulos Foundation, the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessaloniki), the Municipal Art Gallery (Thessaloniki), and in many private collections.

Sofia Petropoulou                                                                                                                      

Sofia Petropoulou was born in 1964. She currently lives and works in Athens, following a nine-year stay in Luxembourg. She has shown her work in 12 individual and 15 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and she is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. In London she exhibits with the gallery Cadogan Contemporary and her works are auctioned by major houses, such as Christie’s. Her works belong in important collections around the world

Fine Art meets Fine Rugs & Carpets