Together with Maria Migadi of MARTIX, the C. John Gallery is delighted to host the first




The Exhibition will run from 6th October until 29th November 2016

C. John’s Gallery

43a South Audley Street, London W1K 2PU

(Entrance in Adam’s Row)

The Cocktail Reception took place on Friday 28th of October. The evening was hosted by Ms Maria Migadi, owner of Martix a boutique art advisory business that works with extremely fine and very talented artists, promoting and selling their artwork around the world.

cosmo-ii-2016-mixed-media-on-canvas-150-x-100-cm numbers-2016-mixed-media-on-canvas-150-x-100-cm figure-2016-mixed-media-on-canvas-150-x-100-cm

I.                                                  II.                                                III.

I. COSMO II 2016, mixed media on canvas 150 x 100 cm

II. NUMBERS 2016, mixed media on canvas 150 x 100 cm

III. FIGURE 2016, mixed media on canvas 150 x 100 cm

Catalogue 2016: santiago-orejudo-marques_catalogue



Santiago is of Spanish origin, lives and works in Athens and he has worked and travelled in many places around the world. However, his art is not easily associated with one part of the world. It seems to rise above any boarders and languages. Santiago Orejudo is an Architect by education and self tough artist with a great passion for modern Sculpture and Painting. The mix of these three arts, Architecture, Painting and Sculpture has inspired him to create a style of paintings that are a mix between the three. His work is a direct extension of his profession. Santiago is using materials with which he is very familiar with, such as sand, cement, gypsum pigmented colours even oxide. This results to the creation of artworks with a great visual and tactile impact. With this technique in some cases he is replicating natural objects, such as rocks or caves. It is noteworthy that for Santiago the tactile impact is as important as the visual and the 3 dimension impact. His work is deeply influenced by renown Spanish and international painters; from Tapies or Barceló to Pollock and Motherwell or Rothko as well as rotten and vibrant sculptors of Chilida and Richard Serra. His artworks evoke strong feelings and can be seen as personifications of the earth, water, air and sky. These personifications convey a silent yet eloquent story- the story of Santiago’s perception of Life, Being and the Cosmos. His artworks do captivate the viewers’ gaze and long term dialogues are being created between the former and the latter.

text by

Maria Migadi, Art Historian