February sees our Gallery displaying a selection of Art-deco and modernist rugs from the 20th century. These rugs are the imagination of exceptional artists and are woven in a traditional fashion to complement furniture of the same period.

These one of a kind rugs will create a striking decoration for your home with their bright bursts of colour and unique designs.

JK 56 Benedictus Rug 201cm x 119cm

French hand-woven rug, designed by Benedictus; 201cm x 119cm

SF 10'3 x 8'3

French hand-woven mountain design; 10’3 x 8’3

JK 75 Lurcat Rug 224cm x 165cm

French hand-woven rug designed by Jean Lurcat; 224cm x 165cm

Eric Bagge Rug 155cm x 79cm

French hand-woven rug designed by Eric Bagge; 155cm x 79cm