English Needlework Carpet. Dimensions: 355cm x 289cm. £36,000

This beautiful example from the mid 19th century has lovely colourful floral bouquets in a latticework pattern.


The carpets below are English Needleworks dating from the mid-19th century.

All in excellent condition these exquisite carpets will enhance your living space.

Above image: Dimensions – 285 x 211cm £9,000

Below image: Dimensions – 302 x 201cm £7,000

    Above image: Dimensions – 434 x 312cm £28,000
The Victorian period in England produced highly decorative Needlework carpets using bold floral designs in a variety of colourings. These carpets are often misnamed as tapestry but they are in fact created using handworked woollen polychrome stiches on canvas. We show above several examples from our extensive collection.