It’s March and the Parsua Collection is on display at the C. John Gallery. Located at 43a South Audley Street, come and talk to us about purchasing your beautiful new Parsua rug.

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Parsua, the Haute Couture carpet

We are going to tell you a beautiful story, a Persian tale. It is the story of how carpets entered the universe of luxury and of sustainable development, through  Parsua, ‘la Haute Couture du Tapis’.

Parsua was created because two antique dealers, one of whom was Dominique Chevalier, wanted to initiate the revival of the Persian carpet and to create the antiques of tomorrow. This marked the beginning of a long period of meetings in Iran, with weavers and dyers, to look for  artisans skilled in the techniques used in the 17th and 18th centuries. The objective is to make carpets using ancestral techniques for the  spinning of  wool, hand knotting, and dyeing using only natural pigments,  and which use sun and water to obtain a natural patina. No chemicals used at any stage.

Parsua responds to requests from numerous decorators and interior designers. Finding a beautiful, antique oriental carpet, of a specific size with specific colours is often difficult, if not impossible. Parsua offers contemporary designs; the carpets can be made-to-order and remain unequalled in quality.

Parsua has constantly worked on thorough design development  with a view to make carpets  that are timeless, lasting, of excellent quality, according to the rules of art. Today, more than ever, our credo is ‘Slow Made’: quality in fabrication has to be lasting and respectful of the environment.

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The new catalogue is available upon request from C. John.